Kelly Mahoney

An entrepreneur and space enthusiast dedicated to extending life through innovative technologies.
With a proven track record in building forward-thinking tech ventures, committed to leveraging technology to drive progress and establish impactful, sustainable business models.

Entrepreneurial Visionary and Technology Innovator

Hi, I’m Kelly Mahoney

I am a 26-year-old entrepreneur passionate about leveraging my diverse expertise to create and nurture technology businesses with global transformative impacts. As a visionary, I strive to exceed norms and invest my energy in ventures that push boundaries, from fintech to health-tech. My coding expertise, strategic thinking, and analytical skills drive my success in building forward-thinking tech ventures.

My ambition to become a billionaire aligns with my deep commitment to philanthropy through the Kells Foundation, which supports environmental sustainability and community health initiatives. I revel in driving, music, and exploring the latest technological advancements, such as AI, 3D printing, and stargazing. At my core, I am dedicated to continuous learning, self-improvement, and staying ahead of technological trends. These traits enable me to create impactful, sustainable business models that drive progress and innovation

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My Companies

I’ve founded some incredible companies


A pioneering wellness and meditation app designed to help you find balance and tranquility in everyday life

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Swift Revenue

A results-driven CPA network that connects brands with affiliates, presenting untapped marketing and advertising opportunities.

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A social shopping platform and marketplace that revolutionizes how people discover, buy, and sell products and services, blending social networking with the convenience of online shopping.

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Merrill Sachs Group

A dynamic conglomerate invested in logistics, agriculture, real estate, food, and beverage

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Sapientia Financial

A proprietary hedge fund specializing in forex, crypto, and commodities trading, operating under the slogan 'One wise trade at a time.

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I invest in businesses that are ready to scale up and experience significant growth. If you believe your business is at this stage and could benefit from funding, let’s connect.

Work With Me

While I may not have years of formal speaking experience, I have taught a lot of friends and family my skills since I was 15, and I'm ready to bring this hands-on experience to inspire at your next event

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Technology Innovation

My foundation in software  engineering has enabled me to spearhead technology initiatives that disrupt traditional markets and introduce groundbreaking solutions.

Strategic Investment

I possess a keen eye for potent investments and the ability to recognize emerging opportunities, particularly in the tech and financial sectors, ensuring robust portfolio growth.

Business Scaling

My extensive experience in launching and nurturing startups provides me with unique insights into effective business scaling strategies across diverse industries.

Strategic Services

Leverage my extensive expertise in technology entrepreneurship and innovation through:


Strategic Business Development

Utilizing my expertise in technology and entrepreneurship to offer strategic guidance and actionable insights for business growth and innovation.


Public Speaking

Engaging audiences at conferences and events, sharing my experiences and strategies for success in technology entrepreneurship and startup leadership.


Technology Innovation Leadership

Directing cutting-edge projects and initiatives that set new standards in tech development and application.


Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Providing mentorship and advisory services to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the complexities of starting and scaling a tech business.

Charity: Kells Foundation

At Kells Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting initiatives that we deeply believe in, specifically focusing on activities that help offset carbon footprints in jurisdictions where we are approved to operate. We donate both time and financial resources to various environmental efforts. These include participating in clean-up initiatives and supporting renewable energy projects, sustainable agriculture, and restoration of natural habitats, all of which contribute significantly to reducing global carbon emissions. In addition to our environmental efforts, we support educational advancements by donating technological infrastructure to schools and provide funding for essential medical treatments for those in need.

Learn more about my commitment to the planet and humanity at Kells Foundation.